The journey of self-discovery from childhood trauma to triumph. A story that shows us all what is possible through the gift of plant medicine and devotion to healing and self-love.

Aya Shakti’s remarkable journey from a harrowing past to her calling as a Curandera was born out of almost insurmountable adversity. She began with a traumatic childhood defined by loss and abuse, then into heartbreak from lost love, which fueled a relentless battle against her inner demons through alcohol. Her story is one of profound transformation, self-discovery, and love.

Introduced to Ayahuasca in her twenties, this psychedelic encounter became the catalyst for her awakening, revealing her life’s true purpose: self-healing. Driven by this newfound mission, she embarked on a profound quest, reconnecting with her ancestral roots in the heart of the jungle, where she immersed herself in the sacred traditions of indigenous healing.

Through deep communion with both plants and spirits, Aya Shakti has honed her skills in the ancient art of healing, utilizing song and spirit to facilitate transformation. Today, after a decade of global exploration and sharing her invaluable work, she faces her most significant challenge yet: the establishment of her sanctuary dedicated to the practice of profound healing.


Plant medicines ‘Vine of Souls’ is a spiritual practice of wholeness and acceptance.

September 14, 2023

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AyaShakti plantsAyaShakti plants
  • Release date:

    December 2023

  • Exec producer/writer:

    Josema Roig

  • Exec producer:

    Charles Johnston

  • Cast:

    Aya Shakti, Juan Flores, Mauro Patrick Sanchez, Mayantuyacu team, and the Aya Shakti Team

  • Platforms:

    Vimeo, Youtube

A special thanks to everyone involved in making the film, specially all those who supported our Indiegogo campaign. We love all of you.